Brisbane Airports
Domestic / International
To Byron Bay
From $62

Up to 5 trips daily

Gold Coast Airport
Domestic / International
To Byron Bay
From $32

Up to 7 return trips daily

Byron/Ballina Airport
To Byron Bay
From $30

We meet all Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin flights.

Brisbane International Airport


Byron Easy Bus Airport Transfer and Shuttle Service

Byron Easy Bus operates 5 trips a day to Byron Bay from the Brisbane Airport.

Our modern, air-conditioned coaches are the best and easiest way to get to Byron Bay.

Depart Byron Bay 05:45, 08:15, 10:15, 1315 and 16:15  Eastern Standard Time.

Depart Brisbane Airport 09:15, 11:45, 13:45, 16:45 and 19:45 Eastern Standard time.



Meeting points for Byron Easy Bus guests 

Please ensure you allow sufficient time to check-in when you get to the airport. We recommend at least  allow one hour for DOMESTIC and two hours for INTERNATIONAL flights.

Use our email link if you have any specific requirements or want  to make a group booking.


Airline Safety

The following items cannot be taken on board aircraft:
Any sharp implement, liquids, lighter fluid, gas cartridges and refills, acid, mercury, paint, firearms (including toy guns) , ammunition, knives, explosives, other weapons. Please contact your airline if you have any addition queries on airline safety.